Do you always pay with plastic, or are you more comfortable with cash? Did you go paperless or do you prefer to pay bills by cheque? Have you ever paid friends by your phone while you’re all out to dinner?
Going cashless is a goal for some and a nightmare for others, but if you’ve ever wondered what your payment methods say about you and how you compare to others – now you can find out:

I'm not ready!

You may feel most comfortable seeing and holding your cash in hand—and that's okay. For some people, low-tech is the way to go because it offers a tangible sense of stability and control. And if you work in a profession that still routinely involves cash transactions (bartending, waiting tables), going cashless may never be 100% achievable.

If it ain't broke...

You know about paying electronically, but don't embrace the newest technology until it's been around a while. This can mean missing opportunities to make your life easier: consider trying a payment method like tap-and-go credit/debit cards or Apple Pay to see if they fit your lifestyle.

Nearly there.

You love the convenience of not having to pay cash, but the world doesn't make it easy for you sometimes. You're busy, pulled in several directions, and having to stop by a bank or ATM is just one more chore to add to your already too long to-do list. Consider mobile payment apps as they can both save you time and provide records for business expenses and personal budgets.

You're practically cashless now.

There's nothing the digital future can throw at you that scares you. You text friends your share of bills. You use your phone to pay at stores. Your phone is probably crowded with apps, but adding more to make you 100% cashless is probably in your near future.
New technologies are constantly changing the way we go about our lives, but the right payment technology for you should be a change for the better. However cashless you are (or decide to go) it should benefit you by simplifying your life, saving you time or lightening your wallet.

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