The past eight months have been an unprecedented time of disruption in Canada.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everything from how we work, learn, and shop to how we travel, entertain ourselves and take care of ourselves when we get sick. Businesses have been forced to adapt almost overnight or close. Entire industries have been forced to pivot, and supply chains around the world have been strained or severed completely.

It’s against that backdrop that RBC released a document in May called “8 Ways COVID Will Disrupt the Economy and Transform Every Business,” to give people guidance in these tumultuous times. It’s clear now that COVID is here for the long-haul, which is why RBC’s experts and analysts have updated their predictions based on the latest trends and data.

On this episode of RBC Disruptors, John Stackhouse discusses the newly-updated report with one of the members of the team who helped write it, Strategist Theresa Do. They also hear from special guests, including the CEO of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Matthew Loden, Juno Award-winning singer/songwriter Jill Barber, the global head of public relations for Expedia, Nisreene Atassi, and influential sports marketer Mary De Paoli, who also happens to be an Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at RBC. Join them for a fascinating exploration of COVID’s ongoing impact on the economy, and on our lives in general.

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