Did you know that 10% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to the very food we eat?

Introducing a special, three-part series called, “The Growing Challenge”. In it, Disruptors hosts John Stackhouse and Trihn Theresa Do will tackle a critical question for the 2020’s—how can Canada help feed the world’s growing population, while simultaneously slashing our carbon emissions to meet our nation’s Net Zero goals?

We visited farms and production facilities across the country, and spoke with an array of experts working up and down the food supply chain, including farmers, academics, scientists, and restaurateurs.

We’ll take you from the field, to the processing facility, to the dinner table, to learn how we can harness new technologies and processes to improve efficiency, cut emissions, and reduce food waste. Solving this challenge could be Canada’s moonshot—and a defining moment for our country.

“The Growing Challenge,” a special miniseries on agriculture, is coming soon to Disruptors.

Speaker 1: How can Canada feed an increasingly hungry world while also lowering emissions? Hi, it’s John here.

Coming soon. My co-host, Teresa Do and I are going to tackle that critical question in a special three part series called, “The Growing Challenge”. We’ve assembled an array of experts from all over Canada and up and down the nation’s food supply chain, including farmers, academics, scientists and restaurateurs, as well as leaders at innovative companies like Conserve-X, TELUS Agriculture and DLS Biogas.

We’ll take you from the field, to the plant, to the table as we explore how harnessing new technologies and processes will help achieve our net zero goals as we increase production.

With 345 million people facing food insecurity worldwide, Canada has both a responsibility to help alleviate the global food crisis and an opportunity to expand our presence in global markets. Solving this challenge could be Canada’s moonshot for the 2020s and a defining moment for our country.

So listen to, “The Growing Challenge”, coming soon on Disruptors.

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