Analysis of national and provincial trends in housing affordability and developments in major metropolitan housing markets.

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Housing Affordability

Toughest time ever to afford a home as soaring interest costs keep raising the bar

April 2, 2024

High interest rates propelled ownership costs to new summit in the fourth quarter of 2023: A household earning a median income needed to spend a staggering 63.5% of it to cover the costs of owning an average home at market price.

Monthly Housing Market Update

Influx of new listings help ease supply-demand pressure

May 15, 2024

We saw a healthy number of new listings come to market this April—but even so, buyers remained on the sidelines...

Special Housing Reports

Spring brings sellers out; buyers remain hesitant

May 7, 2024

Sellers are making their way back into the housing market—not everywhere but in some of Canada’s largest cities. Statistical reports...

Home Resale and Price Forecast

RBC's projections for the housing market in Canada and the provinces

Home Resale and Price Forecast

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Monthly Housing Market Update

An analysis of the latest data and developments in Canada’s housing market.

Special Housing Reports